When Art Stops Mimicking Life and Becomes It

EmK Wright is a dedicated mixed media artist located in the Appalachian hills of the United States. She has worked as a team member of the art journaling community Get Messy, and as a teacher in the popular online course 21 Secrets. She hopes to share her life long love of art journaling with a larger audience, encouraging others to engage in art making as both a creative passion and as a way to find personal growth.

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My Story

Hi! I’m EmK, and I’m an art journaler! After discovering The Diary of Frida Kahlo at the age of twelve, I decided to begin creating in a large bound sketchbook, affectionately titling the book my “Soul.” I purchased it from a big name book store at an exorbitant price later that week. My desire was to make it a place to journal in a written format, collect daily ephemera, and to create drawings as well as collage. A few years later, at the age of seventeen, I discovered that this style of journaling was gaining popularity on the internet—and that my “Soul” had been deemed by this growing community as an “art journal.”

With this knowledge (and new term to Google!) I was able to dive head first into a world of creating; I began discovering new artists, and new knowledge to expand my love this craft—one that I had once been convinced was too strange and personal to have wide appeal. Having kept an ever-evolving version of this pre-teen art journal, I now spend many of my days working in sketchbooks and oversized coffee table books rather than expensive big name store sketchbooks. I hope continue to fill my life and home with color as I explores new mediums and develop my artistic abilities—both in art journals and on canvas.


If you’ve just stumbled upon this website: Welcome! This is the place that I share my expanding knowledge of art supplies, techniques, and the creations that I make! You can visit my BLOG, where I post the tips that I learn, as well as the art that I make, You can also check out my SHOP (OPENING SOON), where you can support this little endeavor by purchasing curated art journaling ephemera packages, prints of my art, my Art Journaled Oracle Cards, or the ever popular sticker. That being said, I frequently post FREEBIES in my blog, that way even a starving artist can get a little something too!