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5 Ways To Beat “I Don't Know What To Draw” Syndrome

Sometimes you just want to put something on paper, and maybe you have go-to’s, like the ever popular portrait—or maybe you just don’t draw but want to start. It’s easy to doodle, drawing squiggles or circles without much concentration, and while that might loosen you up, it doesn’t exactly do much for your skills or portfolio.

Vlog: Where Have I Been & Surprise Art Mail

've never done a vlog before. (It's a little weird talking to a camera as if it's a crowd of people.) Something's, however, are very difficult to explain in text, especially when those things are of a more serious nature. I don't like making my friends uncomfortable, and even if we're not technically that close, I'd still prefer to not run you off...especially after being gone for so long! The following video consists of two parts.

Art From May '17 Vacation

finally got around to photographing all of the art that I created during the wonderful vacation that I took in  May! This first image is of many different spreads that were (mostly) created while en route during my trip. For occupying myself during the car ride, I took my Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers (click HERE for my review), some black pens, and a small set Copic markers to pair with a Moleskine sketchbook.

Season of Color!! (Blog Hop)

he Creative Team for the art journalling community Get Messy is connecting today to celebrate Season 15: Color! We are sharing spreads today from our personal art journals...featuring specific colors of the rainbow! I am sharing a yellow page with you today, the happy color of life, warmth, and enlightenment.

Vacation in the Mountians

While on the road, I brought a regular Art Plus moleskine, some Copic markers, four different black technical pens, a drafting pencil, a white gel pen, and my Mermaid Markers. I sketched some of the things we saw on our trip that first day, but ultimately disliked all of my sketches, and decided to cover them with marker ink. While sitting in a passenger seat for several hours, my art muscle started to twitch, and I began doodling on these same pages with my technical pens.

Review: Mermaid Markers

The body of each Mermaid Marker is made of clear soft plastic, with the word "PUSH" on the barrels. Because the liquid must move from barrel to tip with some resistance (or else it would just all pour out), the user must squeeze the body of the marker to make the ink flow; there is really no way to know exactly how hard to squeeze when your bristles start to dry out, so this will be a learning experience.

Watercolors: Using Tubes & Picking Paper

A while ago, I wrote a post on the entire collection of Prima brand Watercolor Confections, which is an awesome set of inexpensive pan watercolors. But while those cute little sets may be convenient and economical, sometimes you just want to play with the nice stuff—specifically, tube watercolors. My very first set of tube watercolors were the Winsor and Newton professional series, a small collection that I have been adding to and replacing for years.

Live Recap: Helix Vision & Messy Pages

So I thought that, for this week's Instagram Live Stream, I would open my hour long stream by working on top of a background that was created using a technique inspired by Messy Pages! The image below is how my spread looked immediately before my live stream. This is only similar to how I usually begin my altered book spreads in that the background is a combination of acrylic paints.